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Powered by AI and optimized with love, Reclaim matches you to a Medicare Advantage plan that fits your predicted health needs, so you can live your healthiest life

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Your health insurance is about to reset. Your health does not.

Your health comes first. Everything else follows.

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Your health comes first. Everything else follows.

We recommend a plan that ensures continued access to your preferred doctors, your ongoing prescription needs, and your expected (and unexpected) healthcare needs.

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Gold Plus PPO
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Your cost for next year, crystal clear

We give you a clear financial picture of what your cost will look like for the Medicare Advantage plan options at your fingertips.

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Jul 10
Hip Repair Surgery
Billed to you 
Hospital admission
Hospital days
Total payout

File for a hospital payout to offset your cost

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Connect your coverage in a couple of steps and let Reclaim take care of the rest. Reclaim helps you make the most out of  what your health plan offers and save money.

We are all in this together.

Reclaim brings the experience of a community of people with similar health journeys to help you plan for the future.

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Press Release

Reclaim launches AI-powered Medicare insurance agency to help retiring adults select a Medicare plan that best fits their healthcare needs

BOSTON, December 7, 2021 — Reclaim, a digital consumer financial advocacy platform helping users manage and save thousands of dollars on health insurance coverage, is launching its AI-powered Medicare insurance agency to help recently retired, tech-forward individuals confidently manage their transition to Medicare.

Press Release

Virtual Benefits Administrator and Reclaim Health Team up to Revolutionize Health Benefits Enrollment

Virtual Benefits Administrator (VBA), a proactive, leading edge healthcare software company, has teamed up with Reclaim Health, a healthcare financial wellness company, to optimize the member experience in health benefits enrollment through the use of data and analytics.